Micro-Influencer Marketing: 10 Reasons It Makes Sense

micro-influencer marketing

Over the last couple of years, micro-influencer marketing has grown exponentially and that’s simply because it works. Though, you might still be wondering how and why. First, let’s start with what exactly a micro-influencer is.

A micro-influencer is an individual with a small but deeply engaged following. For example, this micro-influencer may have less than 20,000 followers on Instagram or only a few thousand on Twitter and Facebook. However, don’t let their smaller following deceive you; micro-influencers make up the majority of digital influencers and have significant influence over their audience.

Now that you’re up to speed, here are the top ten reasons why micro-influencer marketing is a valuable strategy for your business.

Micro-Influencer Marketing Is Economical

Micro-influencers are extremely cost-effective. This is because their rates tend to be lower than influencers with larger followings. Comparatively, larger audience influencers, known as macro-influencers, charge significantly higher fees for brand partnerships. While you may reach a wider audience with a macro-influencer, it isn’t typically worth the hit to your budget.

Micro-influencers are far more economical and should be considered as a key element of your marketing plan. For example, you could pay $15,000 for one macro-influencer for just one post, or, you could take that money and distribute it among 15 micro-influencers with a more engaged following, leading you to the next point.


They’re Perfect for a Groundswell Approach

A groundswell approach is where you reach as many people as possible through various outlets and build up from there. Micro-influencers are great for this type of campaign since they can create brand awareness amongst their following and seed the market with your product/brand.

Additionally, micro-influencer marketing campaigns create a lot of exposure to your brand through repetition and, if you use multiple micro-influencers, your product will make itself known through multiple avenues.


They’re Experts at What They Do

If your marketing campaign is focused on content creation, then micro-influencers are your golden ticket. Simply put, micro-influencers create top-quality content often at rates that are cheaper than hiring a photographer. Furthermore, micro-influencers give the added bonus of sharing the content that they create. Whether you are looking for videos, pictures, multimedia, or written content, micro-influencers know how to create great content without breaking the bank.


They Have a Loyal and Engaged Following

Most micro-influencers have a loyal and engaged following because they’re still in their growth stages online, meaning, much of their audience is comprised of friends, family, people they’ve met, and people who are generally fans of their work and content. To compare, macro-influencers consistently have a far lower engagement rate.

For example, an influencer with 100,000 followers may only see approximately 1% of engagement from their audience, meaning only about 1000 people are truly engaging with the influencer’s content. On the other hand, a micro-influencer with only 15,000 followers and an engagement rate of 5% would expect to see 750 people engaged with their content. The cost of the micro-influencer is far better, especially when you consider that you’re engaging nearly the same amount of people .


They’re Reliable and Personal

A micro-influencer is able to engage with their audience more than a macro-influencer and, as a result, can be more authentic and personal with their viewers. This is one of the reasons why micro-influencers have higher engagement rates; they’re able to share more of their personality, style, and aesthetic with their audience. For this reason, micro-influencers are often viewed as more trustworthy than macro-influencers.

Additionally, high-profile influencers tend to work regularly with various brands and over-saturate their audience with paid advertising projects. Micro-influencers are typically looking to grow their community and are more readily available to interact with followers both online and offline. On the contrary, influencers with large audiences are not able to engage in the same way with their audience, since they can often seem more like a celebrity, which creates a barrier between themselves and their followers.


They’re Ambitious

Micro-influencers are great to work with since they will typically go the extra mile to impress a client. More often than not, they are grateful for the opportunity to take on advertising projects with brands that appreciate their work.

They are also more available in terms of responding to email and private message communication as they have fewer messages to respond to and likely won’t have a talent manager fielding messages for them. This means that it’s easier to build meaningful relationships with micro-influencers and have in-depth conversations about your advertising vision.


Micro-Influencer Marketing Is Great for Small Businesses

Bigger companies often have bigger budgets and can typically work with whoever they want. For this reason, big brands tend to overlook micro-influencers. While big brands are off chasing celebrity influencers, small businesses have the opportunity to work with more engaged and authentic micro-influencers.

The good news is, no matter your budget, you will have the ability to compete in the market, even up against big brands. At Vetterview, you can work with an influencer for as little as $20 USD. If you’re growing your business, micro-influencers are the perfect option to get started on your influencer marketing path and to achieve excellent results.


They Have Niche Audiences

Micro-influencers often have a small community of followers that share similar passions and interests. Their niche following tend to have the same preferences in content style and share a similar demographic profile. If you have a service or product that fits a micro-influencer’s niche following, then reach out! You’ll often have great results with a niche following, as long as your product matches their interests.


Micro-Influencer Marketing > Traditional Advertising

When it comes to marketing, traditional tactics, such as print marketing, are no longer the most successful approach in building brand awareness. To successfully drive product sales, launch a new brand/product/service, and generate positive PR, influencer marketing is the way to go.

Consumers are looking to social media, online reviews, and blogs when making their purchasing decisions. The internet is the first place they’ll go and they’ll do their research, whether that be a Google search, reading Facebook reviews, or searching Instagram hashtags, before they make their decision to buy a service/product. In these situations influencer content is critical in presenting your brand to curious consumers. Consumers will then make their purchasing decisions based on content from their favorite influencers.


They Get Right To The Source

There’s no doubt about it, consumers are more and more savvy when it comes to Adblock software (or just plain skipping through online ads on Instagram and YouTube.) To reach your target audience, you’ll need to get a bit more creative. That’s where micro-influencers come in. Influencer content is an organic post on social media, making it exempt from Adblock technology. Having micro-influencers introduce your product to an audience adds authenticity to the consumer experience and removes the feeling that your product/service is being forced upon them.


Ultimately, there is incredible power and value in the influencer marketing sphere, especially with micro-influencers. By incorporating these micro-influencers into your marketing plan, you’ll create a stream of consumer loving content to grow your business.


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