Increase Sales In Retail Stores With Influencers

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As the world of e-commerce continues to explode, brands are looking for strategies to increase sales in retail. It is no secret that a brand’s digital community is an effective method to engage consumers and drive online sales. In addition, a brand’s social media community can also be effective in driving consumers to physical retail locations.

Social Media And Retail Sales

Consumer behavior helps to bridge the gap between social media and retail sales. Sprout Social released survey results in February 2019 that identified key behavioral trends retailers might not realize.  Included in their results was that 78% of consumers will visit a brand’s physical store after following the brand on social media.

In a previous article, we outlined factors that play into marketing to millennials. Included in the article, are details on millennial’s desire for brand experiences. Social media provides a unique opportunity for retailers to amplify the in-store experience that they offer. This can be done in many ways. Additionally, Sprout Social’s survey revealed that 45% of consumers would like to see live video from a brand and 24% would like to see more user-generated content.

Live Video and User-Generated Content

Live video and user-generated content can be a difficult task for brands. They go against the controlled messaging principles many brands pride themselves on. Working with influencers is a great way to tackle this. Partnering with an influencer to take over your brand Instagram stories or Snapchat is a great way to put a trusted voice behind the live video. As a result, working with influencers allows you to retain more control of the messaging. In addition, it lets you benefit from the performance of user-generated content.  Influencers put a trusted face behind the live video and user-generated content.

Increase Sales In Retail With Influencers Infographic

In 2016, Collective Bias completed a study into the impact that influencers have on increasing sales in a retail environment. We wanted to gather more data on this topic. As a result, we created this infographic summarizing their results along with the data shared above.

If you are looking to increase sales in retail, this infographic will be a valuable starting point for implementing your next strategy.

influencer marketing retail sales

Are you looking to increase sales in your retail store? Do you need more foot traffic? If so, influencer partnerships play a role in how you can increase sales in your retail location as well as online. Focus on maximizing and amplifying the unique in-store experiences that you offer. As a result, you will see your digital community start to appear in-store.

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