Jobs In Influencer Marketing: Finding The Best Fit

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Looking for a career change or to take the next step? Do you keep seeing jobs in influencer marketing posted across LinkedIn, Indeed and other hiring websites? As the industry continues to grow, brands and agencies are creating more influencer marketing jobs. According to GlassDoor in 2019, the average salary of an Influencer Marketing Manager in the UK is £35,293.

In the world of digital marketing, there are many factors that professionals need to take into account when considering their next move, These include considerations about their own goals, objectives, and experiences as well as where their next role is based. Brands and agencies offer very different opportuni

ties and it is important to evaluate them early on in the process.

To get you thinking about where the best opportunity exists given your goals and experiences, we have put together a list of criteria that will help you along your path to success.

Career Progression

How fast do you want to move up the career ladder? This is an important consideration when determining whether a brand or an agency is right for you. Agencies are much more fluid when it comes to new roles and expansion. A couple of new clients can mean the forming of a new team to handle the project. This gives you the opportunity to move up the ladder quickly. Brands are much more hierarchal. The hierarchal model increases as the size of the brand increases. Looking for that promotion? Odds are you’ll have to wait for someone else to be promoted, retire or leave the company for an opportunity to become available.


Money matters to some extent to everyone. Living in cities like London force salary to become part of the job selection process when applying. As in many industries, salaries fluctuate based on many factors specific to each agency and brand that you might consider applying for. The popularity of influencer marketing has raised the competition for qualified talent between brands and agencies which means that salaries are increasing across the board. Starting out at an agency you will make less money than in a similar role at a brand. If you are willing to work hard, learn and prove your worth, agency salaries will increase quickly to make sure that they retain top talent. When considering a brand job, research other vacancies to see what they are paying to make sure you aren’t being undercut.

Leverage Your Creativity

Working in-house at a brand or at an agency, your creativity is applied in different ways. Depending on how important creativity is to you in your day-to-day and how you apply it matters in the brand versus agency debate. If you’re constantly bouncing around new ideas in your head and looking for places to implement them than an agency is likely a good fit for you. Agencies work with many brands and in some cases many different industries. For creative people, this is an ideal situation. Conversely, if you are more of a long-term, big-picture thinker than a brand is likely a fit for you. Working in-house at a brand allows you to take a deep dive into the target audience and focus on the day in and day out while focusing on brand growth.

Opportunity For Growth

In our experience, we have seen that the personal growth and skill development that occurs in brand and agency roles vary. Take a second and think about your skills and weaknesses. After that,  think about where you want to be in 3 to 5 years. Working at an agency you will develop more managerial skills. These include problem-solving, public speaking, client management, and multi-tasking. With a brand, you will become more of a critical thinker. Successful in-house marketers excel at strategy development, branding, KPI analysis, and demographic data processing.


You need to love what you do. Weigh the pros and cons of working in your area of interest and how important that is to you. Some agencies target clients in a specific niche. Working at an agency that focuses on your area of interest can be a very rewarding experience. You get to build relationships and see behind the scenes into an industry that you are passionate about. Jobs at agencies like this are very competitive as other people with the same interests as you all clamor for the same job. However, if you decide to go the brand route you are able to seek out vacancies at brands that exist in your area of interest. These opportunities are also very competitive. There is value in building your experiences in other industries beyond your ‘dream job’ and circling back down the road where you provide a unique skill set.


Projecting the growth trajectory of a brand or an agency is far from an exact science. As a consumer yourself you should be able to do a little research on who the brands an agency is working with are. A quick Google search will reveal recent business news.  Also, check that the companies themselves are showing growth in sales or other areas. If they are you can likely assume that the agency will continue to grow positively. When it comes to a brand, you might know them as an up and coming brand in their industry. Otherwise, a little Google research again will hopefully reveal some brand news or information that shows they are growing. Two easy things to look for are press coverage and job vacancies. If a brand is hiring chances are they are expecting or experiencing growth.


Whether it is an agency or a brand, only you can decide which work environment will be the best fit for you. Take some time early on in the process to consider these factors and see which resonate with you. Jobs in influencer marketing are going to continue to increase. Knowing what you are looking for will help you navigate the many vacancies that will become available. We hope that you find the role you are looking for!

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