Building A Content Marketing Strategy With Influencers Will Help Generate Results

content marketing strategy

Improving your content marketing strategy should be a constant. It has been over a decade since social media changed the face of marketing. Social media has improved marketing by allowing brands to engage with their customers directly. This has made content marketing more or less a universal tactic, as over 86% of marketers use it. In the same vein, over 90% of customers have indicated that they would prefer to learn about a company through content rather than ads. This has prompted brands to create more content. However, this process of creating content has be found out by these to be labor-intensive and expensive, while generating traction is also not so easy.

Despite these obstacles, content marketing remains key to getting new customers and engaging with existing ones. This is where influencers come in.

Influencer marketing has taken the disruption caused by social media a step forward, by changing the entire sales funnel from the process of customer acquisition down to tracking a purchase. It provides a third-party endorsement of a brand’s products thereby allowing such brand to reach new customers. Furthermore, the strategy can be highly effective as influencers produce accompanying content which aids the content marketing efforts of the brand.

Here are four ways that influencers can improve your content marketing strategy:

Expanding Content Distribution

Distribution of content created is almost as difficult as creating the content for many marketers. Often times, they are limited to the existing followers, which might not yield the needed outcome. An influencer provides an alternative avenue for you to reach prospective customers. Using influencers also ensures that you do not overwhelm your customers with ads and commercials. This way you get to gain new customers, while also securing the current ones.

Improve Conversion Rates

In addition to expanding your distribution efforts, influencers also improve your conversion rates. Whether you are looking to increase immediate sales or boost social following, hiring an influencer will improve your conversion rates. The audience of influencers are inspired by them, and always seek advice from them. For example, fashion conscious consumers are always interested in where a fashion influencer gets their outfits. Entrepreneurs are also usually waiting for the next investment advice from their business-inclined influencers. This therefore ensures that your content will receive a warm reception if pushed by the right Influencer.

High Quality Content Creation

Creating quality content requires the services of photographers, project managers and models. Adding the cost of equipment for these professionals makes the creation of in-house content too expensive. This is why you need influencers as they produce high-quality content at just a fraction of that cost. You can make use of this content across multiple channels including media outreach, social media campaigns as well as newsletter campaigns. What is more? Influencers are experts who understand themes, trends and events which will catch the attention of your audience.

A Trusted Endorsement

Influencers amplify the value of your content by providing credibility. You must however ensure that your brand fits in well with the influencer’s page and content. This ensures that their followers will have a genuine interest in your business and will increase the likelihood that they will engage with it therefore increasing your conversion rate.


These are the four ways through which influencers can improve your content marketing strategy. The most important task for you is to simply find an influencer whose content and audience aligns with our brand. This will promotea smooth working relationship as well as better conversion rate. It is not enough that an influencer is in your niche, they must also be able to guarantee you these four advantages we have discussed.

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